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Whether you are a first time visitor, or have been reading since the blog’s beginning (last week), I am asking for your help.  I am often late. Those who know me are nodding. Please note my tardiness is not intended as a lack of respect, but due to other factors.  I get lost easily, or forget where I am headed.  Navy blue and black look exactly the same in my closet, but when I walk into daylight and notice I am wearing both together, I must return to the closet and change into something more appropriately coordinated unless I want to hear that voice all day – the one that reminds me not to wear white before Easter or after Labor Day.  (The voice never said, “except in Florida,” so I took liberties.) When I lived in Florida and felt like it, I wore white in October and November. It made me feel like a floozy. I kinda liked the feeling.  Sometimes I am late when the caller ID on the phone alerts me to the friend or family member in crisis, so I have to answer and lament.


New Harmony, IN

Into the blogging world, I am also late and I need your help in finding a clever title that attracts readers. Won’t you help me with a name for the blog? Suggest a title by the end of the week and you may win a prize. The cookies offered last week to readers who left a comment are gone, but this week’s grand prize is even sweeter: almost the best chocolate fudge you ever tasted…with only a few teeth marks. E-mail your choice for a blog name and any other questions or comments to with your suggestions.  Be sure and include your address so I can send you a yet-to-be-selected prize for real. I’ll post the favorite suggestions next week and declare a winner.

A few titles that come to mind are “vintage granny,” but that isn’t all I am. (Don’t you like the word “vintage” better than old?) and though photos and anecdotes about grandchildren are sure to slip in here at times, I am not looking to showcase them.

Another title I wrestled with is “running toward old age in red shoes” (an allusion to the novel I’ve been working on for almost nine years, Red Shoes in August. The second novel, 1934, is going much faster. )


Today is the 59th birthday of my favorite sister. She is the tall one, the long-boned graceful one with more personality in her little extended pinkie adorned with a funky, glittery ring, than the the collective family members for three generations. She can charm the ancient redwood tree out of the forest, make a telephone pole laugh out loud or convince the dullest of paint chips that it is a spawning salmon in Alaskan waters. Today, I am a vintage sister.  Standing beside her, I am short and colorless. Paint me vintage beige.


My favorite sister, Susan.

If you are reading this blog, you either like to read or have a lot of extra time on your hands, so from time to time, I will share what books I am currently reading.  I have upstairs books and downstairs books. Unlike Downton Abbey characters, the books do not inhabit one or the other.   This week, I am reading a newly-published novel by Eleanor Morse titled White Dog Fell From the Sky. The setting is Africa, mostly Botswana, where the author spent several years in the 1970’s. One of my daughters gave me a book for Christmas titled Here Now: 100 ways to celebrate the present moment  (sic) by Rachel Cushner.  The other book I have going is the autobiography of a stray by the Newberry Award winning author Ann M. Martin called A Dog’s Life that is almost certain to appear on the optional reading list for the literature course I teach this semester at Bellarmine University: “The Literary Dog.” I call it Doggy Lit 101.  Books lay scattered about not because I have multiple pairs of eyes like a spider, but that I often cannot wait until I finish one to start another or I lay down one book, run a few errands, go to class, and forget what I was reading by the time I get home ad n pick up one  I am eager to read. Oddly enough, I finish them all about the same time, and within a day and half, at least two others are open, with a third and fourth soon to follow.   And you?  What are you reading?

Come back next week when I blog about exclamation points, but not in the grammatical sense.   Between the question marks of life and the exclamation points is where we live.  I still have questions – sure don’t have it all figured out yet.   Nevertheless, every day is an exclamation point!  What about you?  Did you figure out  how to navigate through joys and challenges and the influx of Medicare information flooding the mailbox several months before a 65th birthday?  If so, share your wisdom with others. Send me a few paragraphs about what you would tell your younger self.  Maybe you have unanswered questions still, or issues to resolve before your days are exclamation points.  What is on your bucket list?  What do you want to know? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be?  Is there anything you always wanted to do? Now is the time!

God bless us, every one.

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5 Responses to Win Chocolate – Name Blog

  1. steve says:

    Bonnie, you’ve graduated into full scale blogging when you do that delicious thing where you let your hair down and bless sisters, good writing, fudge and you own very evident lust for life. Your enthusiasm is infectious, bless you.

  2. Nancy Aguiar says:

    Now I want to write a novel! Your flair and flirting with words excites me toward writing. But hang on, it WILL pass! Haha! So gifted! Thank you for sharing that gift with the world, Bonne! Love these entries! Blessings to you, my beautiful blogging BonBon! And happy birthday, Susan!

  3. dremadrudge says:


    I’m glad I found your blog! I can see it will be a fun read.

    I recently signed up to a site that lets you track your goals for, I think the next 2 1/2 years — it’s something between New Year’s Resolutions and a bucket list. I have, even during being sick and having deadlines, found it so useful just to write my goals down! Even though I know I have 2.5 years to achieve them, I find myself rushing to see if I can do yet another thing. I guess you might say that for me life is pretty much always lived between exclamation points!

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